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A lot of people look for Online Bike registration in Pakistan. As the Government of Pakistan announced the facility of checking online registration for bikes and other vehicles, it became very easy to Check Bike Registration. Residents of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Azad Kashmir can check their bikes and other vehicles details online and some residents can also check all of their bike's information by just sending an SMS.

                                          How To Check Bike Registration In Pakistan

So If you are here to learn How To Check Bike Registration In Pakistan then keep reading! In this blog post, I will tell you all of the methods of Checking Bike Registration All Over In Pakistan. So let's take a closer look at How To Check Bike Registration In Pakistan.

There are some points that might help you in checking your bike registration so you can have a look at them and can check your bike's registration with these methods.
  • Make Sure Your Bike/Motorcar Is Verified
  • Make Sure Your Bike/Motorcar Is Custom Paid
  • Make sure Your Bike is CPLC Cleared
  • Make Sure You Write Original Number as written on Plates/Book/Tax challan with the vehicle

Method 1: Online Bike Registration

Now you can check any vehicle’s information online, like owner Name, Model and relevant detail just by entering the Bike’s registration number. For Checking the Registration of bike online, you can consult the official website of the Pakistani Government.


  1. Just Go to the website of your province's Excise and Taxation (direct links are given below)
  2. Enter the Number of your Bike/other Vehicle in the Box
  3. Click Search
  4. All your Bike's Information is displayed such as Owner's Name and Engine Number, Chassis Number, etc.

Check Bike Registration In Punjab Pakistan


Check Bike Registration In Sindh Pakistan


Check Bike Registration In KPK Pakistan


Check Excise and Taxation Site of Balochistan 


 METHOD 2: Registration Through SMS

It's an easy way. If you don't have an Internet connection then you can comfortably use it to verify your Bike's Registration. So the SMS that your would send will cost you about Rs: 0.50. Before sending SMS, make sure that your bike is registered in Punjab because this method of Registration of Bike and other Vehicles is currently available in Punjab only. So for using this service you have to follow the steps written below.


  1. Goto Messaging app on your mobile
  2. In the Reciever Section, type 8785
  3. In the Message section, type the number of your Bike or any other vehicle
  4. You can try Different Combinations e.g;
  • ABC 000 ..................................LXZ 123
  • ABC 0000 ................................LXZ 0123
  • ABC 0000 ................................LXZ 1111
  • ABC-00-0000 ..........................RIA-07-1111
  1. Click on Send
  2. Wait some time (about one minute)
  3. All your Bike's information is displayed

This method shows you How To Check Bike Registration In Pakistan. For Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan you have to use the first method (Online Bike Registration) but if your Bike is Registered in The Province of Punjab your can use both Online Bike Registration and SMS Bike Registration methods to verify your bike's
  • Owner Details
  • Latest Payment Details
  • Vehicle Details
  • Vehicle Application Tracking, etc.
For better understanding and details of the Vehicle Registration System, you can also check out this video!


This is an easy and simple way to Check your or anyone else's Bike Registration In Pakistan and Bike Registration Details In Pakistan. So hope you guys learned How To Check Bike Registration In Pakistan, from this blog. If you have any question or query Regarding Checking of Bike Registration, In Pakistan, feel free to comment down in the comment section we'll try to answer as early as possible. And you can also Contact Us through Contact Form!
- Zain Amin -

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