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Citizen Portal Pakistan

Citizen Portal Pakistan:

With an Aim to timely address problems of the citizens of Pakistan and get their feedback, Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’ that will help the citizens to report the problems of government and private institutions.

The portal is available for citizens in the form of a cell phone app, but they will also be able to approach the government via email, telephone or written letters. The portal is a simple and easy tool allowing citizens to register themselves through the app and send their complaints directly to the concerned government departments.

While addressing the inauguration ceremony of Citizen Portal Pakistan, in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan described the system as "the first step towards improving government" and creating a promotive environment for the investments."

He also said, "The way the system that has been developed is a path to change the existing mindset. For the first time, government institutes and ministries will be accountable and the portal will make it easy for me to get details of complaints, where are they coming from in Pakistan, about which ministries"

“This system is developed in-house. These are our young individuals who developed this system and the change that was brought about in KP, was because of this system, he added.

Prime Minister said that the ministers will realize that their primary goal is to serve the citizens of Pakistan.

He further added, “Naya Pakistan will only be possible when the public owns the rights”.The system will make it easy to reward and punish government officers on their performance basis, PM Imran Khan said. "Complaints will appear on the ACRs of officers that do not  perform well... and so promotions would be made on merit and a merit-based system will be reproduced,"

Citizen Portal Pakistan App:

You can get the Citizen Portal Pakistan App easily on Playstore. The app has already got good reviews from citizens of Naya Pakistan. Citizen Portal Pakistan users appreciate the government's move and described it as a major success by developing Pakistan.

Download Citizen Portal Pakistan App 

The app is easy to register on and if you find any difficulties on registering with the app you can watch this video.

If you are the first time on this app you need to register with your mobile number, the mobile number could be national or international, you can register from any number and send your complaints directly to the Prime minister.

Although Citizen Portal Pakistan App has been designed to receive concerns of citizens of Pakistan whether they live in Pakistan or abroad but some of the users have mentioned various difficulties mostly in registration with a foreign phone number and receiving confirmation SMSs. But don't worry, this app is currently in beta version and would be completely launched soon.

If you have any question or query Regarding Citizen Portal Pakistan, feel free to comment down in the comment section. We'll try to answer as early as possible. And you can also Contact Us through Contact Form!
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