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Top 5 Best Cricket Games Of 2018

Cricket is one of the most played games in the world. It's the second most popular sport all over the world. Almost all of us have played it. There are also a lot of android games developers who love this game that's why they developed these amazing cricket games for cricket lovers.

Playstore is overflowing with games developed for cricket lovers. But In this article, we have collected some graphics enriched cricket games for you. This list is maintained according to popularity and graphics of the games and while playing these game you are surely going to get an amazing experience. So here is the list of Top 5 Best Cricket Games Of 2018 For Android Devices.

1. World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 is the most played game in the cricket android games industry. Almost every single android games player have played this game and still, this game is loved by a lot of users. This game has a lot of modes in which you can play and it has a rating of 4.5 stars on playstore which stands it among top rated android games in the world. It is one of the early developed cricket games for the mobile platform. This game has ranked No. 1 android cricket game, multiple of the times. This game has very exciting graphics, amazing controls and a lot of players. The incredible thing about this game id that you can run it even on low ram devices because it supports almost 95% of the android devices. I believe that you also have played this game on your android phone if not then try this game today. I assure you that this game will blow your mind.
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2. Real Cricket™ 18

This game is superb for cricket games lovers. The reason I kept this on the second number is only its graphics. This game is totally based on P.C cricket games. This game has a rating of 4.5 stars on playstore which is pretty good. This game also has a variety of grounds to play on that makes more favourite. Due to its graphics, this game looks like a broadcast of a match on T.V. It has amazing controls so you can control this game in your own way and can manage your team as you want. In this game, you can also save your progress so you don't lose all your achievements. This game also deserves a try and I hope you will give it!
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3. Sachin Saga Cricket Championship

This game is recently launched but at this time it has won the heart of android cricket games players. This game provides a great quality of controls that really feels real. This game's name is based upon a retired Indian Cricket Player Sachin Tendulkar. This game has better graphics, better controls, better sounds and a bunch of players with which you can play and spend most of your spare time. This game is a complete package in its own!
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 4. Cricket M.O.M

This cricket game also comes with amazing graphics. It offers very good controls and has a very easy interface that why it became one of the most played cricket game in the world. I have personally played this game. One of the best features of this game is that it provides a very good camera angle so you feel very realistic while playing this game. This game was first launched in its beta version then it was officially launched. I suggest you play this game once and hope you will found it favourite. This game is just amazing!
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 5. ICC Pro Cricket 2015

This game was first launched for computer platform but after the huge popularity of this game in 2016, it was then also launched for Android devices and after that, it also became the most rated cricket game. This game is enriched with huge graphics. You will be amazed after knowing that Australian fast bowler Betty has also played this game and according to him this game is really amazing. The best thing about this game is that you will have with the vast variety of players to select and you can completely be able to manage all your team.
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So these were the most played epic cricket games for you. Hope you guys enjoyed this article if you have any question or suggestion comment it down in the comment section. I will try to answer as early as possible. Have a nice day!


 - Zain Amin

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