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As we know PUBG Mobile is today's trending mobile game which is redefining mobile gaming on the mobile platform, whether it is an iPhone or an Android. Almost every other teenager is obsessed with this game so we are here to talk about this topic in detail. So Why PUBG is so popular in India? Yes, you are right because it's a multiplayer social game where you can interact in real-time and I am pretty sure there are not many games available in this category.

The sense of Social Connectivity and Real-time Interaction

You can chat with your friend while playing this game which means you are always connected with your friends on a voice chat which makes this game even more social. You can connect your social networking account as well and add all your friends in the game. Multiplayer games are not new in this era but on a mobile phone it was just a dream, but now it has turned into reality, hence PUBG is leading today's best gaming chart.

Redefining Mobile Gaming

Remember, when mobile phone gaming was referred with top games like asphalt, temple run and other games like subway surfer and high-end games like asphalt airborne. Now mobile gaming simply referred to PUBG. Mobile phone companies are making their devices gaming ready and showing PUBG in their ads as which means they know this game is going to be the next benchmark in mobile gaming.

Open World Gaming Just Like Pc & Gaming Console

No doubt PUBG developers have worked very hard to make this game and in fact, this game is very similar to pc and console-style games which makes this game really unique. Mobile games are considered as small games and very less playing area and environment whereas this game is very similar to high-end pc games that we have played in the past.

Although PUBG is a very nice game but there are few things which need to be solved in order to make it more resource friendly. Pc version of PUBG game is very poorly optimised and even if you have a very decent graphics card and other components, you can't play this game smoothly. A computer which can play high-end games like GTA 5 very easily and without any frame drops, lags when you play PUBG in it. These are my opinions about this game, let me know what do you think about this.
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