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Make Money With Whatsapp

A lot of people use their Whatsapp whole of the day, they spend most of their spare time by just texting and forwarding messages to their friends and family. But you know what you can also make money using Whatsapp. The income that you will get would not be passive but it would be good for your pocket. And at end of the month, you would not need to request your pocket money from your parents. Before moving forward I want to tell you that there is no direct and official method of earning on Whatsapp but there are a lot of indirect methods available. So in this post, I will tell you 5 easy ways to make money using WhatsApp.

Top 5 Easy Ways To Make Money With Whatsapp. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a powerful and easy way of making money using WhatsApp and other social media. you can join Affiliate programs on different e-commerce sites and promote their products. It is totally free to join any e-commerce site's affiliate program. After joining you will have to generate affiliate links and share them on WhatsApp. some popular e-commerce sites are Amazon, eBay, Gearbest and Banggood, etc.

2. Link Shortener Sites

There are a lot of websites available on the internet which pays you for shortening links from their site. What you have to do is to just copy a URL of any website, any post or anything else that is interesting for people to watch or to read, then go to any link shortener website and short the link, then copy that shorted link and share that with your friends or family on Whatsapp. Whenever your friend or family will click on the link he/she will first go to that link shortener website and after staying there for some seconds he/she will be redirected to the original link. and that's how you will make money! For shortening URLs you can use Bitly, Adfly and Shrinkearn, etc.

3. PPD (Pay Per Download)

Another popular way of making money on Whatsapp is using PPD marketing. In Pay Per Download marketing you just have to store any file, any record or any other thing that people want to download, on the site you are using for PPD. After storing file you have to copy the link of your file or record and then share it to WhatsApp or social media. Whenever a user will click on the link and will download your file you will get paid. So it is an easy and simple method of making money using WhatsApp. Some PPD networks are FileBucks, UploadCash, ShareCash and DolladUpload, etc.

4. Promoting Apps & Games

It is also an easy way to make money on WhatsApp. For this, you can join different networks that give you decent income in return for promoting apps and games. You just have to join that networks and then copy the referral links of apps and games. Whenever someone will download any app or games from your referral link you will be getting paid. Some networks that you can join for this purpose are Sharepop and Appylink, etc.

5. Earning Apps

There are a lot of earning applications available on Playstore. You just have to join any app or more than one app. Then you have to invite people to install the app from your referral link. If anyone will join with your referral link you will get paid. And if he/she will invite any other person you will also get some commission from that. So it is also a magnificent way of making money on Whatsapp. Some earning apps are Laddo, DataBuddy, etc.

So, these are some methods by which you can make money with Whatsapp. Hope you guys learnt some ways of making money with WhatsApp. if you have any question, let me know don in the comment section, I will try to answer as soon as possible.
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